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di Anima & di Corpo 


Anima e Corpo is the 'first opera', a rappresentatione (show) per recitar cantando (to act whilst singing).


Soul and Body search for their way through life, spurred on by Time, guided by Intellect, advised by Counsel, tempted by the Pleasures, protected by their Guardian Angel, tempted again by the World and Worldly Life.  


In the final Act, they see a vision of Heaven and Hell, and the show ends with a festa (dance-party).


Our production is founded on the historical priorities of Text, Rhythm, Action! All production decisions are grounded in the libretto text; the singing style should imitate the declamation of a fine actor in spoken theatre. Rhythm is controlled by baroque Tactus, a slow steady pulse (about MM 60) that remains constant, like a heart-beat, through the whole opera. As Shakespeare istructs, we suit the Action to the word: stage movement and gestures are derived from the text. 

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