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International Baroque Opera Studio

The International Baroque Opera Studio presents Research, Education & Performance events worldwide.


  • Cutting-edge historical research (music & drama) applied and tested in real-life productions

  • State-of-the-Art training for young professionals and advanced students

  • Thrilling, memorable performances; first performances in modern times etc


There are many opportunities to gain experience by taking part in professional-level productions. But the philosophy of the International Baroque Opera Studio is not only to rehearse a show, but to teach the underlying principles. Not "now stand here and do this", but "in this kind of situation, the historical options are to stand here, or perhaps here, and to do this, or perhaps that. Observe what your colleagues are doing, and make your own choice, appropriately".


The challenge is not so much to play a particular role, but rather to acquire the skill-set that performers of the time would have brought with them. As you learn these skills, much of the production can be jointly improvised, since everyone understands the historical framework, the ground rules. And those skills will be useful to you in any historical production you play in, for the rest of your career. 

International Baroque Opera Studio

Apprenticeship Scheme

The International Baroque Opera Studio Apprenticeship Scheme works together with Andrew Lawrence-King, The Harp Consort, Il Corago and promoters or institutions all over the world.


The aim of the scheme is to invite suitably qualified young professionals and advanced students to participate in productions, to gain experience and receive on-the-job training.


We negotiate with promoters and institutions to get the best possible deal for apprentices. Andrew Lawrence-King devises artistic plans that allow apprentices to participate fully, within the framework of a professional production.

Applications are now open for Anima e Corpo in Durham, 28-31 May 2015.


More information and a link to the application form here.

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